Platforma pro misii a evangelizaci

What we want

PROMISE CZ – Platform for mission and evangelization


We desire to see the Czech Republic covered by rising living communities and churches which utilize all available resources and ways to present the good news of salvation in Jesus to all who seek.

We desire to see existing churches in the Czech Republic as a living and growing community.
We desire to see groups of believers who pray together, study the Bible and try to reach out to unbelievers in their neighborhood  in such a way that they grow and transform into a new congregation (one of the existing christian churches) everywhere in the Czech Republic where the communities or churches are not yet and missing.


The Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic countries in Europe. The reason is the ignorance of people who do not know at all or very little of the Good News about the salvation in Jesus Christ.  It is also a few clues (communities) which pointed to this fact, and in some places in the Czech Republic is missing.

The things we care about at work?

Be where they were wanted, and serve in a way that is acceptable to church / congregation where we were invited to participate. We want our entire community cooperation shifted in the direction of the above-mentioned goals.
Be where they were wanted, to be a trusted partner congregations of Christian churches in motivating, equipping, sending mission teams and helping missionary effort exerted on the white parts of the ČR.
Be where they were wanted as long as interests lasts or until a need is not fullfilled.
Be where it is needed and there is no one who would be actively interested in the place or area of evangelism and mission taking into account the above mentioned goal.

How do we want to achieve?
Pointing out the importance of missionary.
Pointing out the possibility of missionary.
Helping to mediate missionary experience.
Helping to create missionary clues, communities and churches.
Assist in evangelistic efforts in areas that are important not covered.