Platforma pro misii a evangelizaci

Individual projects

1. Christianity Explored is 10-weeks course which helps people understand who Jesus is. During the meetings people discuss on the basis of Gospel of Mark and look for answers on 3 questions which go to the core of Christianity: Who is Jesus? Why he came? What does it mean to follow him? (

2. Impuls festival and Impuls week are activities to motivate individuals and entire congregations to greater openness and boldness in preaching Christ in their neighborhood (

3. is web full of postcards and wishes. On the Internet, there are plenty of electronic greeting cards and everyone can choose from countless cards for various occasions. The cards that we offer are different. The aim of the project is: to provide a nice opportunity to send wishes to your friends who would also directed the recipient postcards which may be more familiar with Christianity and living God ( (Site is currently being revised and therefore operate on a limited basis. Thank you for your understanding:-)

4. MyLife Workshop is a six unit course that puts traction to the dictum “know thyself.” Of all of the people that most of us know, no one is more interesting to us than we ourselves! MyLife- Workshop takes into account a person’s uniqueness, her story, her longings and aspirations. Those taking the course are guaranteed to learn new and astounding things about themselves. In the process of self-discovery they will see that God is even more interested in them than they are in themselves (