Platforma pro misii a evangelizaci

Impuls week

IMPULS week takes place on different places of Czech Republic (in year 2013 in Frýdek-Místek, Chomutov, Nýdek, Orlová, Ostrava-Poruba and Ostrava střed).

IMPULS week is a week full of adventure, fun, tournaments, games, sport activities, surprices and new things… During this week you will have an opportunity to meet new young people not only from Czech Republic but also from abroad (Norway, Finnland, German, Latvia, …). In the afternoon different activities will be held in the city/in the village. In the evenings you can enjoy koncert, movie or in a tearoom.

At the beginning of the week participants will be trained and then sent to various churches of their denomination in the Czech Republic where for a week will work with international team to develop contact and outreach activities. You can find more information on website