Platforma pro misii a evangelizaci




In the first place we are aware of the tremendous need prayer support.  Service that people pay in PROMISE CZ is totally dependent on God’s grace and His work. We know that He alone is able to touch people’s hearts and only He can give to what they heard and received, remained in them, to be sustainable, grow and bring fruit. We are also aware that the service of evangelization and mission is very much needed. Therefore we ask our Lord for protection and guidance to we went the right direction and to work according to God’s will.

Financial support

All activities organized by PROMISE CZ involve and  expenditure and so there is a need funding to cover the costs associated with these activities. If you see the meaning and benefits of PROMISE CZ and these activities, you can support this service also financially. Selected activities can be supported directly by entering the appropriate variable symbol. We are grateful for any donations.


Komorní Lhotka 434, 739 53, Komorní Lhotka, Czech republic

Billing information
IČO: 22904221

Account number PROMISE CZ:
IBAN: CZ6720100000002400239730

Fio banka, a.s., Millennium Plaza, V Celnici 10, 117 21 Praha 1
Variable symbols: purpose of payment

1000 – PROMISE CZ civic association (headquarters)

1102 –  Daniel Chlebek (chairman of PROMISE CZ, management and development of the whole ministry)

3000 –  Objevování křesťanství project (Christianity Explored)

3001 –  Impuls project

4000 –  MyLife Workshop project